Monday, January 26, 2015

11 Amazing Deepest Caves On Earth You Must see

For Me : The Earth Really wonderful place to live for all the people , animal , others life on earth , undersea , in the sky and many thing that hidden from our eyes , heard  even the technology is perfect , as there are many cave in deepest sea or on the land . That why i am looking for beautiful picture of cave was shooting by many heroes who spend they life for research and i wish to share that beautiful picture to all the people around the world for knowledge and learning . Thank you to the owner of photograph who share us their image .
What Is Cave ? 

cave or cavern is a hollow place in the ground , especially natural underground space large enough for a human to enter. Caves form naturally by the weathering of rock and often extend deep underground . Read More From Wikipedia 
1- Cehi Cave 
It was Amazing Cave located in Slovenia , deep of Cave is 4982 feet into the darkness . 
Image Source

 2- Krubera Cave is the deepest knowncave on Earth 2197 meters  It is located in the Arabika Massif of the Gagra Range of the Western Caucasus, in the Gagra district of Abkhazia, a breakaway region of Georgia . Read More : Wikipedia 
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3- Sarma Cave  located in Gagra DistrictAbkhaziaGeorgia, is the second deepest recorded cave in the world. Its current depth was measured in 2012 by a team led by Pavel Rudko ,
deep 1,830 meters . Read More : Wikipedia 
4- Vogelshacht and the Lamprechtsofen Cave 
Is other deepest cave located in Australia , deep 1,632 meters From Wikipedia 

5- Sima de la Cornisa – Torca Magali              located in Spain  deep 1,507 meters 

6- Shakta Vjacheslav Pantjukhina                    located in Georgia deep 1,508 meters 

7- Torca del Cerro del Cuevon                                 located in Spain deep 1,589 meters

8- Illuzia-Snezhnaja-Mezhonnogo located in Georgia deep 1,753 meters ,Lenght 24080 m

9- Vogelshacht and Lamprechtsofen              located in Austria deep1,632 meters

10- Gouffre Mirolda                                                 located in France deep1,733 meters

11- Jean Bernard System                                 located in France deep1,602meters

Source From Wikipedia 


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